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3 Home Maintenance Tasks to Complete During the Summer


Regular seasonal maintenance is the best way to protect your real estate investment and minimize unanticipated expenses but when the sun is shining and summer vacation begins, it’s understandable that you may not want to tackle a long list of upkeep tasks.

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At Flintstones, we highly recommended simplifying the process by beginning with the most important tasks firstHere are 3 home maintenance tasks that are important to complete during the summer months:

1. Perimeter Drain InspectionFlintstones Construction | Drain Inspection

Summer is the best time to have an expert inspect your perimeter drain system and the reason for that is simple: you won’t want to wait until the Fall rain pours down to find out you have a blockage, collapse or misalignment of your drains. It’s also important to remember that if we discover an issue with your drains that can’t be remedied by a cleaning, you’ll need to book a construction crew in advance to take care of it. Waiting until the busy season in September could mean your drainage or waterproofing needs may not be addressed immediately, potentially leaving your home in some deep water.

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The BC Building Code standard for perimeter drain pipes is now perforated PVC pipe but many older drain systems are made of concrete or clay drain tiles and are at high risk for blockages and breaksFlintstones | Clogged Drain that could cause water infiltration issues for your home. Having a professional use a camera to inspect your drains in the summer to pinpoint and remedy an issue sooner than later will avoid headaches in the rainy Fall.



2. Roof and Gutter MaintenanceFlintstones | Home MaintenanceStudies have shown that a roof that is not regularly maintained will only last about half of its expected service life. We suggest you have your roof inspected at least twice a year, but at minimum, you should have it inspected once a year in the summer. The reason for inspecting in the summer is very similar for both a drain system and a roof: you’ll want to know if there are any issues and allow time for repair well ahead of the fall and winter precipitation. Even if your roof doesn’t require a repair per se, moss treatments will work a lot better in the summer weather. It’s also the best possible time to clean out eavestroughs, downspouts and gutters of leaves and other debris to prevent buildup.

3. Chimney Inspection Flintstones | Chimney InspectionFor the safety of your family and home, it’s crucial to have your chimney and fireplace or wood stove inspected and cleaned each year. The danger of having poisonous carbon monoxide seep into your home due to poor air supply, blockages, or soot build up in your chimney is not worth putting off an inspection. Choose a professional who will use a camera for this inspection so that you can see exactly what kind of condition your chimney is in. Again, should you need repairs, having the inspection done in the summer allows for plenty of time to book in to have your chimney restored to a safe condition so that you may use in the chilly fall and winter months.
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If you have any questions about chimney inspections or perimeter drain inspections, our experts are here to help.