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Chimney Styles and Options

Chimney Rebuild options, colors, styles & other details

When your chimney needs a rebuild the amount of options, styles and details can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why at Flintstones Masonry we help you through the project. We can make expert recommendations on what will look best to suit your style and era of home. We’ve put together some of our most popular styles of chimneys from colors, finish details to rainpots and crown options. The photos below show just some of our many options. Contact us to speak with a chimney specialist or visit our Showroom & Design Centre to touch and feel some of the available materials!

Step One: Colours (more options available!)


Step 2: Cap Styles (more options available!)


Step 3: Crowns (more options available!)
Step 4: Overall Style (more options available!)



Step 5: Additional Detail (more options available!)



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