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carbon monoxide

Flintstones Tips: Keeping Safe from Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a potentially deadly gas produced when a carbon-based fuel such as gasoline, propane, charcoal, oil or, wood – burns.

If your chimney is functioning improperly you will often see soot stains visible in your fireplace or near your chimney – those soot stains are carbon particles. Consequently, if there are soot stains visible in your home, surely carbon monoxide fumes are also present.

If that is the case, it is essential to take care of the problem before using your appliance again. There are many unfortunate and sad cases of carbon monoxide poisoning which have led to death.

Your chimney’s job is to remove combustion gases from the home. However, your chimney won’t function properly if it is poorly designed, poorly installed or, poorly maintained.


Some examples that may increase your risk to carbon monoxide exposure:

  • The chimney may be improperly sized — too small for the job or, too large to maintain an adequate draft.
  • Obstructions such as small animals, broken bricks or, ice can block a chimneys air flow.
  • Corrosion may become a problem as a result of condensation, poor construction or, installation.

If your chimney is showing signs of breakdown or corrosion, please give us a call so that we may inspect it and you can feel confident your home and family is safe.