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You’ve Asked – We’ve Answered: What is WCB and Why Does It Matter?

WCB stands for the Workers Compensation Board and is the provincial governing body that oversees the health and safety in the workplace in conjunction with the federal Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.

In British Columbia, WCB now operates as WorkSafeBC and administers claims for work-related injury, illness or disease. This agency is also responsible for prevention and carries out workplace inspections and investigations of workplace injuries and fatalities.

As an employer, by law we must register with WorkSafeBC and pay the premiums associated with membership; this is commonly referred to as being insured under WCB. This provides protection for employers and benefits for workers who suffer work-related illness or injury. Every worker in BC is automatically covered under this program.

WorkSafeBC provides a no-fault protection for employers being sued by workers; this means that workers give up the right to sue employers in the event of workplace injury, in exchange for covering the cost of health care and rehabilitation services as well as wage loss benefits.

WorkSafeBC also provides a number of different programs to assist workers during any convalescence period, and also in being able to return to work. They provide resources and consultation in the workplace and disability management.

Flintstones Masonry | WBC Safety Sign

As our customer, it matters to YOU that FLINTSTONES is registered with WorkSafeBC and have valid insurance because if you hire a business that is not making their premium payments, you may be held responsible for their outstanding payments. This is in addition to potentially being liable for any injuries that occur while our workers are on your project.

You can check the registration and payment status of a business by requesting a clearance letter from your contractor. To learn more, please go to Work Safe BC.

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