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Our Process


Accounting & Budget

Accounting is completed by our full-time Chartered Accountant, not a tradesman. We use timesheets specifying which parts of the project require management and for how long. The original budgets we supply are always referred to throughout the project to show where we started, and how we are progressing. "Add-ons" can quickly add up, but we’ll never start extra work without your approval. Detailed estimating, proposals, permitting, and material coordination is essential to a successful project.

Project Design

It's all in the detail! Project designers are incredibly important which is why we have trusted designers we work with. By completing drawings in-house or working with one of our associated designers, we can ensure that the project is designed to your specifications and budget. Detailed plans also allow the project to be more precisely estimated and helps to eliminate any questions in the field.

Project Management

Our project managers have a wealth of experience in all aspects of construction. Your project manager won't be overloaded with a multitude of jobs so you can feel confident your project is being well-managed and nothing will be overlooked. Utilizing both our design and construction services saves you time and money. Flintstones ensures excellent communication and clear accountability. On top of your project manager, we have approximately 50 full-time employees at our office, all with years of experience to assist with troubleshooting challenges as they come up.

Engineering & Permits

We use engineers to help with defining problems, conducting and narrowing research on building codes, analyzing criteria, finding and analyzing solutions, and making recommendations for the best way to give you what you want. We have a team of trusted engineers that we’ve worked with for many years, and call on them frequently to provide solutions that we can implement, particularly when there are many facets to a project. You wouldn’t want us to build your foundation on a bed of clay – where it might sink unevenly in 5 to 10 years, resulting in a loss of your home that you have worked so hard for. We also acquire building permits on your behalf so you can feel confident that your project will always meet or exceed BC building code standards. Remember, we do it once, and do it right!


We strongly believe in excellent communication. Without it, we wouldn't be able to get the job done right. We establish strong lines of communication right from the get-go. We emphasize transparent and consistent updating and reporting at every stage of planning and construction. Utilizing both our design and construction services saves you time and money.


At Flintstones, our knowledge and experience, use of modern state-of-the-art equipment and ongoing commitment to keeping up-to-date on emerging technology are part of what sets us apart. Having our own tools and equipment, vehicle fleet, large waste bins, dump truck, equipment trailers, and more, allow us to do the best possible work for you, efficiently and expertly.

Our Promise

Nowadays, home construction is often focused on low-quality and quick installations. Projects that are slapped together and just don’t last. We’ve chosen to be different. Our focus is on high-quality and up-to-code installations that last a lifetime. When you choose Flintstones, you’re choosing to invest in quality and value. We’ll be around as long as your work is. You can feel at ease knowing that if an issue were to ever arise, we’ll be right back at your door to take care of it. Do it once, do it right!

We Take the Guess Work Out

We are Vancouver Island’s most knowledgeable, recommended, and experienced residential masonry, waterproofing, and home improvement contractors. We pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials, providing the best installation methods and having your project 100 percent completed on time and on budget. We deliver professional and reliable service with the knowledge that a satisfied client is our best form of advertising.

Our process, powered by experts.

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