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Perimeter Drain & Foundation Inspections

We had the rainiest March in 126 years.

Many homes in Victoria have outdated or inadequately maintained drain systems that are damaged or non-functional. Plugged, misaligned, or broken drain tiles (or pipes) will cause rainwater build-up next to your home’s foundation and can saturate through the porous concrete. Saturation can lead to leaks, dangerous black mold on the inside of your foundation walls, and structural damage. Trapped moisture in your attic, walls, or foundation causes rot and mold. With over 700 calls this past winter, it’s clear: our homes need to be inspected and protected.

The Inspection

Do you notice signs of moisture in your home? It’s important to have a professional inspect your perimeter drain system using a CCTV perimeter drain tile camera. The use of a drain camera allows us to quickly identify the condition of the drains and pinpoint any sources of concern or blockage. If blockages are found, it’s important to find a prompt solution so that water is not being pushed towards your foundation and causing further damage to your home. Our thorough inspection saves time, excavation errors, and expense.


We don’t want to just TELL you about the condition of your drains, we want to SHOW you. That’s why we take photos throughout the perimeter of your drain system and review them with you. If there are any concerns, we’ll provide you with a flash drive so you can keep the images for reference.


We offer an in-depth map report of our findings. Our map will show you where we inspected with our camera and where we took photos. That way, you’ll know exactly where the concerns or blockages are and we’ll discuss your options for a permanent solution by Flintstones.