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Foundation Restoration & Underpinning

Homes in Victoria

The bulk of homes in need of foundation repair and or structural upgrades, are typically older homes in areas such as Oak Bay, Rockland, Fairfield and James Bay. Some of these older homes have foundations that are constructed of stone and mortar. They are then either formed or pointed with concrete or mortar on the inside walls which in some cases is almost 100 years old. We are able to deploy a variety of techniques to help repair or restore your foundation and provide structural upgrades no matter the original construction-concrete, stone or block.

The Signs

Buckled drywall, sticky doors or windows, cracks in your exterior brick, stucco or concrete and a chronically wet basement — all could be signs of a potential foundation problem. Typically made from concrete or masonry block, the foundation is the main structure that supports your home’s wood framed walls. Poor perimeter drainage, earth movement and even moisture-robbing tree roots can cause your foundation to crack and heave over time, leading to the problems described above, and eventually jeopardize the structural integrity of your home.

The solution

The good news is that is if caught early, most of these issues can be resolved without a full scale foundation replacement. This doesn’t mean simply covering a wall crack with caulking or mortar. It means diagnosing and fixing the root cause of the problem. For instance, it might mean properly channeling water away from walls, permanently sealing cracks to prevent future water seepage, and, if necessary, restoring the masonry or concrete foundation and using structural steel and concrete piers to support walls, and properly waterproofing the exterior to prevent future issues. Talk to one of our specialized consultants today to learn more.

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