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Outdoor Lighting

Are you looking to have a new concrete driveway installed? Perhaps a new flagstone patio, basalt stone entryway, or brick patio. These masonry features may be the first thing we notice about a landscape in the daylight but come nightfall, these masonry features can be truly spectacular sights with skillfully incorporated lighting. Details such as lighting can be easily overlooked if the focus is only on the masonry and not the bigger picture. This all-too-often occurrence can stand between you and the enjoyment you receive from your home’s patio, pathway, or entryway area. That’s why at Flintstones, we always recommend careful consideration of a lighting plan for your new landscape project. Imagine how you can transform your home both in beauty and safety with landscape lighting around your property.

Whether you already knew you wanted to incorporating lighting into your design or you want to become educated on the possibilities, a Flintstones consultant will guide you the entire way. We can create glowing focal points around the home and improve the visual beauty and safety of your new Flintstones construction project. Our team will take into consideration your specific lightscaping needs, ease of use, functionality and quality of the lighting equipment to offer you a perfectly tailored design.

Having a detailed lighting plan for your project means you can enjoy a completely finished project in which lighting not only complements the hardscape but also functions beautifully.   Consider that for many lighting installations, a qualified electrician must wire them directly to your circuit box and the cables, held within a protective conduit, that must be buried at least 18 inches below ground. If you want any lighting to be seamlessly embedded along the edges of your driveway, or tucked away under your new stone stair treads, that wiring must be in place before any hardscaping is installed. Incorporating a lighting plan into your landscape design ensures the efficient execution of the electrical installation, the proper lighting and materials are used,  and allows for optimal lighting placement.

Understanding how a landscape, hardscape and masonry feature will flow and function together is essential to the design process. With our team’s 500 years of combined experience in masonry, landscape design & build, waterproofing, and home renovations we skillfully bring the landscape, hardscape and surrounding elements together providing you with a beautifully crafted lighting design that will provide superior functionality.

Imagine how you can transform your home both in beauty and safety with landscape lighting around your property. Have design questions? Need some expert advice? Want a quote? Get in touch, we’re waiting to help!

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