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Retaining Walls & Stone Fences

Stone retaining walls have been used to shore up sloping properties for eons. But retaining walls can also be used to add elegance and beauty to your back yard or garden. Built properly, your stone wall will last for generations and require very little maintenance. Too often, shoddy workmanship leads to cracks, leaning, and eventually, collapse of the wall. For that reason, it’s important to look for masons with experience building retaining walls in various types of landscape conditions (cue Flintstones).

Retaining walls

Our multi-divisions and talented experts in every facet of home construction allow for the best possible craftsmanship on all projects we build. For instance, our drainage expertise is crucial when it comes to building you your retaining wall. Retaining walls hold back the pressure of the water in the soil, so without proper drainage systems within the wall, the wall could crack, bulge, or collapse. When you choose Flintstones, we do it once and do it right, so there are never any issues.


Another expertise of ours is concrete. You might decide you like the look of concrete and it’s smooth modern finish even more than the traditional look of stone. Our consultants would be happy to show you examples of our architectural concrete and have our designers create a plan perfect for your home and finally, our engineers will ensure it is built to code and made to last!

Retaining Walls and Stone Fences

Our project consultants, Mike, Cory, Paul, and Clay are here to help answer your questions about retaining walls and stone fences – and any other home improvement project you’re interested in. Book an appointment with our experts and visit our showroom so you can see everything we do and how well we do it!

Maintenance Services

We offer professional care and maintenance services by our skilled and knowledgeable crews, such as: power washing, leaf blowing, sealing, and more. Talk to one of our consultants today to learn more.

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