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Special Summer Offer

We received over 700 calls last winter for water intrusion and maintenance concerns!


Plugged, misaligned, or broken perimeter drain systems are the #1 reason for “standing water” next to your foundation, which can saturate into your homes porous concrete foundations. The moisture, dampness and mold caused by water seepage can lead to health problems due to mold and fungi, along with structural damage to your home. Although we’re currently enjoying summer and aren’t ready to think about it, that same heavy rainfall we all know and dread is just around the corner ready to wreck havoc on our homes. The good news is summer is the ideal season to have your perimeter drain system inspected to ensure full functionality. Our specialists insert a camera into your perimeter drains so you’ll see what condition they are in. In the case that the drainage pipes are compromised, we’ll want to repair the system before the rains begin, as it is easier and less costly and challenging to excavate the perimeter drain tiles when soil conditions are more favorable being dry, instead of heavy mud in the winter.(needs a space after the period) To encourage Islanders to be proactive and not wait until the harm is done, we’re offering $100 off the regular price of an inspection until August 31, 2017. Join the thousands of Victoria homeowner’s who trust the experts at Flintstones to inspect and protect their biggest investment. Do it once, do it right!