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Steps & Staircases

While most of us will spend hours choosing the perfect door and trim, we’ll often treat the stairs and steps as an afterthought. Ensure your entrance way is safe, resilient and beautiful with the help of a Flintstones project consultant and our in-house design team. Your home can go from being “just another boring bungalow” to “that amazing bungalow! That’s one big reason why so many porches and entrance ways fail to make a great first impression.

Stairs and Steps

Stairs and steps bridge outdoor and indoor spaces as well as different areas in your yard. For that reason, they should be thought through with one of our skilled consultants. One of the best ways to turn a bland stairway into a memorable one is to use stone or dyed/stamped concrete. Flintstones offers countless design and material options for all aspects of your new staircase. Take a look at some of our examples of concrete and stone steps and you’ll see what we mean.

Stone or Concrete Stairs

Stone or concrete stairs are also a great way to transition between levels in a sloped yard.

Stone Stairway

And a stone stairway is an ideal way to complement your stone driveway, sidewalk or patio. Call us today to book an appointment in our showroom to see examples of what we can do for you!

Maintenance Services

We offer professional care and maintenance services by our skilled and knowledgeable crews, such as: power washing, leaf blowing, sealing, and more. Talk to one of our consultants today to learn more!

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