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Stone Products

Stone endures. That’s the reason builders have used it since the dawn of time. Today, there’s a resurgence in building with stone not just for aesthetic reasons, but also for performance.

When you choose Flintstones, you are making a commitment to working with the finest stone materials and masons. Whether it is a custom-crafted fireplace or a complete outdoor living space, our goal is the same: to seamlessly blend aesthetics and performance to produce results that take your breath away.

There are masons and then there are Flintstones masons. Only the most talented stone masons, with a minimum of 10 years of experience working on a range of challenging projects, make the cut. All our masons are ITA-certified and hold an interprovincial red seal endorsement. Finally, every project is overseen by a Master mason, a designation reserved for only the most experienced and distinguished masons.

Feel the way stone adds beauty, character and warmth to a home while inspiring you at the same time.

Project Coordination

While some companies claim to offer it all, only Flintstones delivers a truly integrated masonry service from quarry extraction to stone installation. We’ll consult with you from the design stage, helping you hone ideas, and resolve any obstacles. We’ll also provide you with samples so you can see and feel the stone before you commit. Once selected, we then supply and cut the stone to your specifications, and process it using any number of techniques, including chiseling, flaming, honing or polishing. Lastly, we deliver the final package to your site and perform all the installation services.

Outdoor Stone Tile

Every natural stone tile is unique, making them an excellent choice for your garden, patio, pool deck or walkway where harmony with the natural surroundings is key. Outdoor tiles come in a variety of stone types, textures, thicknesses, colours and shapes, giving you tremendous flexibility in mixing and matching styles. Laid in mortar or sand, these flat slabs require more care and attention than a typical paving stone installation, so working with an experienced outdoor tile installer is important. Flintstones installers use proper underlayment and grouting techniques for maximum stability and durability, as well as the right sealer for maximum weather resistance and longevity.

Stairs & Treads

A single slab of stone over your stairs has a striking impact. We can custom cut to any stair thickness or length.

Coping & Capping

Handsome copings and capstones are cut from stone quarry blocks to match cladding stone. The perfect finish for the top of masonry walls and entry posts.

Stone Facing

The finest architectural compliment to a luxurious home is a natural building and wall cladding or facing. We offer a wide range of full size 4” to 5” thick ledge stone in a range of styles and colours.


From marble statues and bridges to custom benches, arches and tables, stone art can transform a garden landscape. We will source the stone from anywhere in the world and custom carve it to your needs.

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    Stone Trim & Molding

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    Cobblestones & Pavers

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    Interior Stone

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    Stone Art & Sculptures

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    Water Features

Maintenance Services

Built by a Flintstones mason, your stone masonry will last for generations and require very little maintenance. However, who better to maintain the work when required than the installers themselves? We offer professional care and maintenance services by our skilled and knowledgeable crews, such as: power washing, leaf blowing, sealing, and more. Talk to one of our consultants today about this specialty service!