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Cory Brune

CORY BRUNE Flintstone Masonry

Partner & Senior Project Consultant

Cory incorporates his superior customer service skills, vibrant sense of humour, and big picture thinking when assessing his client’s needs. Cory is a Flintstones Partner as well as a Senior Project Consultant, Certified Chimney Inspector, and a  Remediation Specialist.  Cory is one of the most personable people you will ever meet. He has a knack for identifying construction issues and putting together quality oriented solutions, and his clients love him for it. Cory is responsible for managing many of our chimney, concrete, outdoor living space, and drainage projects. He is also an incredibly talented designer and often creates 3D renderings for his clients to give them a visual perspective of what their final project will look like. When Cory isn’t making his clients laugh, he enjoys further exploring his artistic abilities through sculpture and drawing, and practicing jiu-jitsu with his son, Cayden.