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Mike De Palma

Founder & CEO

A native of Victoria, Mike is the founder and CEO of Flintstones. He is the visionary and driving force behind Flintstones’ rapid growth and success. Mike began his construction career at the age of 16, fell in love with building, and never left. During his many years in the industry, Mike learned that dealing with contractors wasn’t always a pleasant experience. More often than not, vagueness, unpredictability, and an emphasis on a quick completion rather than quality prevailed. Mike’s aim in creating Flintstones was to do the opposite. He wanted to build a construction company with a focus on quality, attention to detail, being forthright about potential issues, and old fashioned customer service. Mike loves what he does and it shows; he consistently goes the extra mile, working long hours to ensure his clients are 100% satisfied with the quality and service they receive. When Mike isn’t working he enjoys practicing martial arts, exercising and spending time with his best buddy Bubba the bulldog.